Knowing the difference

Please note, damage and wear cannot be detailed away. Dirt, grease, and other contaminants can hide certain damages or wear on a vehicle as they build up and are not cleaned. Unfortunately, not all materials are built equally. Some materials used in automobiles wear away in the form of fading, peeling, chipping, etc due to their nondurable composition. Exposure to the elements (weathering/UV rays, or simply due to nature of usage) and age can also contribute to wear as well. Aged, unconditioned paint is also susceptible to this. We are not responsible for underlying damage or wear found in vehicles because of these reasons. 

Day of the detail

Please make sure all valuables and personal belongings such as electronics, clothes, shoes, bags, as well as garbage are removed from vehicle. 

Trunks should be emptied out prior to details. We do not take responsibility for customer belongings. 

Please have method of payment before arrival.

Estimating time

Please allow 5-10 minutes to go over the vehicle with your detailer upon their arrival to cover all the basis and ensure a common understanding. Remember, communication is key!

Please allow several hours depending on the type of detail you are getting, as well as the condition of your vehicle.

Because we pay attention to detail, we require some quality time with your vehicles. We like to get in all the crevices!


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