New Car Prep Detail

New Car Prep Detail

New Car Prep Many people have the belief that when a vehicle is brand new it does not need to be detailed but that couldn’t be any further from the truth. It is then and often times the paint usually has some minor imperfections that can be corrected by a trained detailing facility. After cars are manufactured they have to be test driven. Then they are stored usually in outdoor facilities where they face the elements. They are shipped and transported to the dealership where they can pick up industrial fallout along the process. Then once they are received by the dealership, many of them are stored outdoors in storage lots until they are sold. Because of this every new car should be properly prepped before being sold to a client. However that is usually not the case.   

With our new car prep, we can ensure that your car is properly detailed and restored back to a true “New Car” condition. And then protected to keep it looking that way, with the protection process of your choice.   

**Note: Vehicle’s with under 1000 qualify for our New Car Prep service**

New Car Prep - $275

Clean wheels, tires, and wheel wells
Foam bath Presoak to release traffic film followed by rinse.
Hand wash
Chemical Paint Decontamination
Mechanical Paint Decontamination with clay bar
Air dry
Paint is Polished to remove light imperfections
6 Month Paint sealant applied for Paint protection and high gloss
All exterior trims protected, tire shine applied
Interior vacuumed and cleaned
Interior Panels wiped down and protected
All glass wiped clean
Door jams wiped clean