Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Steam Cleaning important?

Steam cleaning is the only way to naturally clean and sanitize your vehicle. With its high pressurized temperature output, steam is able to break down surface contamination such as dirt, grease, body oils, and spills. Steam also kills odor and sickness causing germs, bacteria, viruses, and other allergens. It’s the only way to truly disinfect and cleanse your car naturally. The average car harbors up to 700 different types of germs from our day to day usage. 

Unfortunately a simple wipe down from time won’t kill all of these pathogens. You should Steam clean your vehicle biannually to cleanse tour interior and make a safe environment for you and your passengers (especially children and elderly) who are more prone to get sick from  contact with germs. Steam is alsafe to use on all surfaces and materials used in todays automobiles. It will not harm paint, cloth, leather, vinyl, alcantara, plastic, etc..


Why is Paint Decontamination important?

Our cars spend an awful amount of time outside where they are exposed to the elements. Over time our vehicle’s paint accumulate surface contaminants from the outside world. Things such as traffic film (brake dust, engine fluids like coolant/transmission fluid/windshield fluid/oil), industrial fallout, road tar, bird droppings, tree droppings, bug splatter, salt, etc are constantly floating around in the atmosphere and get on our paint. 

Over time this contamination accumulates and embeds itself on our paint. As more time goes by, they eat away at our car’s paint while causing the car’s paint to look dull overall. Paint contamination also prevents waxes, sealants, coatings, or any other forms of protection from properly adhering to your paint. Thus acting as a barrier which causes these paint protections to not be as effective as they should be and also cause them to not last as long as they should. 

I know what you’re thinking, "I’ll just wash my car more often!" Unfortunately the truth of the matter is that a "normal wash" isn’t enough to remove these contaminates. Paint decontamination is a special process that exfoliates your car's paint. Every vehicle should be decontaminated regularly as part of it’s detailing maintenance. Be sure to have your vehicle's paint decontaminated every year to ensure that it’s paint remains in good condition. Not sure if your paint needs decontamination? Run your fingers across your car’s paint, and if it feels rough, gritty, or bumpy, then it’s over due. 


Why is Paint Protection important?

Applying a layer of wax, sealant, coating, or other form of protection is a critical part of your car detailing routine. These products are not just ways to make your car look shiny and glossy. They are necessary items needed to protect your car. They provide a sacrificial layer of protection against the elements such as contamination. They prevent contamination from permanently bonding or etching your paint. Your car should ALWAYS have a layer of protection on it. Be sure to have them applied as part of your reguladetailing service.




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