Frequently asked questions


What makes your auto detailing different?

Steam cleaning not only achieves the same results and outcomes of conventional auto detailing, but it sanitizes as well. It instantly kills sickness and odor causing germs, bacteria, and irritants. 

Is steam cleaning safe for my car?

Absolutely. Steam cleaning is 100% safe. Although it is tough enough to naturally break down contaminants such as (dirt, grease, grime, oil, etc..) it is still gentle enough to use on any surface or material found in today's automobiles. We use it on paint, vinyl, leather, cloth upholstery, and even alcantara.

How does it work?

We use wet steam, which creates condensation when it comes in contact with the car. The high temperature breaks down contaminants, moisture then builds on its surface and the vehicle can then be wiped down with a microfiber towel just like a normal hand wash.

What other benefits can car owners get from your steam treatments?

It's especially great for restoring interiors.

Introducing new borns to your family vehicle.

People who suffer from allergies

Vehicles that undergo heavy usage

Vehicles that aren't cleaned often

Do you really come to the customer's location?

Yep! Just book your auto detailing appointment and specify the meet up location with us and we will come to you! Our area of service in New York includes Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau County, and some parts of Manhattan. Whether its at your office parking lot or the comfort of your home driveway. Please keep in mind that our detailers need a spacious and safe environment to work in.

How do I set up my appointment?

Simply call, text, or email us yo schedule your next appointment today! We make it easy for our customers and detailers. All services paid with debit, credit, or paypal. No cash handling involved!


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